We are a consulting firm specializing in the processing and analysis of data for strategic market intelligence.

What do we do:

Our goal is to transform noise into meaning, and isolated variables into sources of opportunities, therefore we offer two value-added services:

  • Market Intelligence 
  • Predictive modeling

How do we do it:

We use our own data processing and analysis system, through multiple sources of information, big data tools, statistics and advanced mathematics to generate comprehensive reports with the information your company needs. We use public information sources and collect information about your company that is subsequently organized, to convert noise into meaning and separate information into a source of opportunities.

Our methodology allows us to provide added value for the objectives of our clients, by organizing and giving meaning to isolated variables in international markets in order to project their behavior patterns.

Superior purpose:

Be the best ally in the formulation of strategies for foreign trade, through the analysis of data from international markets

What makes us different:

We do not sell data bases or use a single source of them.
We do not use foreign trade data exclusively
We do not charge you for the data you're not going to use
The analysis of our data is aimed at generating useful strategies for our customers
Our projection capacity helps you understand not only what has happened, but what is about to happen.