Consulting division dedicated to project structuring, specialized consultancy, market studies, optimization of terminals, technical due diligence and economic and financial studies in the infrastructure sector with emphasis on maritime ports & fluvial terminals.

At DUAGA we focus on providing value added  in each consulting process, solving the complex problems of our clients with innovative and reliable methodologies that make a difference in each of our successful projects.

What do we do:

Specialized consulting for:

  • Optimization of terminals (Containers, General Cargo, Ro-Ro and Bulk)
  • Market studies and demand projections
  • Due Diligence / Port technical evaluations
  • Master Plans
  • Logistics and traffic studies

Complementary services

  • Engineering and architecture design / CAD (computer aided design)
  • 3D modeling assisted by drones.
  • Financial Modeling (evaluation and construction)

Our goal is to solve complex challenges and generate value added for the business of our clients and allies.

How do we do it:

We use innovative methodologies together with a professional team of consultants with decades of experience in the port and infrastructure sectors, experience in different fields of engineering, optimization of operations, demand projections, logistics, foreign trade, financial modeling and design of maritime and river terminals.

At DUAGA we care about being constantly updated on the best practices in the industry. Therefore, we are permanently incorporating new methodologies and available technologies to add more value to our clients in our consulting processes. Our latest innovations are 3D modeling, terminal design and traffic studies with the help of Drone or UAV technology (Unmaned Aerial Vehicle) and the development of new predictive models for demand projections using the most recent statistical, econometric and Big Data techniques.

Higher purpose:

To be the ideal partner of our clients in their consulting processes, through the permanent generation of value added, the reliability of our results and the quality of our work.

What makes us different:

We do not sell standardized processes or repeated models that have been used in other projects.

We care about the needs of each client, therefore we dedicate enough time to understand them and we do not improvise justified in the prior knowledge of the industry

We deliver high quality processes with costs between 45% and 55% lower than the average man-hour costs in the United States, thanks to our efficiency, responsiveness, geographical location and use of technology.

We generate permanent growth processes with our clients, so we remain in contact with them after the project is finished, to ensure that our work is adding value to our client’s team.

We are not only interested in working with you, we are interested in being your Ideal Partner