The Market Intelligence division of DUAGA is the ideal tool for all companies. Our service gathers all the necessary information to analyze international markets, to be aware of the movements of your product in the market and to make strategic decisions in the hands of experts. We are known for the quality and accuracy of our reports and the flexibility we offer our clients. We will build with you an analysis tailored to your needs and priorities.

Unlike other options in the market, we do not provide data bases. We take care of macro-processing, filtering and analyzing them, placing us at the end of the Big Data value chain and obtaining the soul behind the information. Therefore, we are not satisfied with a single source of data, but, on the contrary, we combine a large group of national and international public data sources that permanently feed our processing systems and are analyzed by our team of experts. Specific information such as macroeconomic components, consumption patterns, currency exchange rates, inclusion of company’s own information among others, can be requested by the client to be included in the analyzes.

Services of DUAGA


Access platform for downloading reports

Monthly analysis of the international markets of your interest (according to the availability of information)

Track your product in the national market

Track your product in international markets

Detailed monthly report of the dynamics of your product

Semi-annual detailed report of the dynamics of your product


Consulting to search for new clients with specific criteria

Specialized market analysis

Competition analysis

Market projections