At DUAGA we understand that the market is dynamic and that our customers require innovative solutions that allow them to increase their capacity and improve their operation times. For this reason, we created port capacity optimization models that allow maritime terminals to increase their operational capacity, through the analysis of operating times, model of capacity increase and design of use of available areas.

Our terminal optimization service allows you to increase storage capacity in:

* Ports with no space available for expansions

Space is one of the most important assets for the port business. In DUAGA we understand that port projects generate development centers around maritime terminals to such an extent that the port runs out of space to expand its operations. Therefore, we seek efficiency by optimizing operating times and distances to increase the flow rate of the load. Likewise, we use Drone or UAV technology (Unmmaned Areial Vehicle) to look for the optimal use of available space.

* Ports with cargo increases above their historical averages (Accelerated cargo increases can be given by new national projects or new transshipment cargo contracts)

The market is dynamic and the terminals must have the capacity to respond with an optimal service to changes in the volume of cargo, derived from new development centers, national projects, the increase in the transhipment services available in the region, among other events that generate bottlenecks. At DUAGA, we analyze the existing capacity and expansion potential of port terminals through the development of capacity models and the search for optimization of operations within the terminal. Our capacity for data processing, modeling and application of Drone technology or UAV (Unmmaned Areial Vehicle), allow us to obtain greater performance in capacity in the short and medium term.

* Ports in expansion phase

Port expansions require correct growth planning so that new operations will work in harmony with existing operations. For this reason, at DUAGA, we help in the optimal planning of the integration of new available areas, always looking for efficiency and optimal use of the available resources in the port, analyzing times, movement distances and efficient allocation of terminal equipment.

Likewise, at DUAGA we understand that port expansion projects usually go through processes of obtaining permits and buying land that delays the need to expand port terminals. Our team of professionals seeks to optimize the operations in the existing area with the aforementioned services, in order to reduce the impact of delays in the schedule of expansion projects.