In DUAGA we understand the need for companies to organize the data they have in their business and complement them with market information to make predictions about competition behaviors, changes in the market, optimize their business processes or simply solve complex problems that prevent the creation of value within organizations. Data that is poorly processed becomes noise, waste of business resources and sources of confusion for management teams.

For this reason DUAGA is your ideal partner, we take care of macro processing your information, develop predictive models tailored to your needs and transform noise into meaning. We have developed reliable prediction models, using the most advanced methodologies to offer a quality service that is close to the reality of your company. We work with a broad portfolio of variables, from the most general to the most specific.


Analysis and projections of specific products

Analysis and specialized economic projections

Industry analysis and projections

Analysis of the behaviour of the competition

Development of tailored predictive models

Macro data processing for business model optimization