DUAGA has become a strategic ally for the financial and port sector. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in the development of Due Diligence Technical / Ports Technical Assessments for Investment Banks and financing entities. At DUAGA we understand that specific knowledge is essential when making investments or structuring new credit or investment resources for the acquisition or financing of new projects, and therefore, we have international experience in conducting these studies. Our priority is to help our clients to carry out a professional and detailed evaluation of the existing conditions of port projects and their expansion plans, in order to seek greater confidence and security when making decisions to obtain new financing resources.

Study areas:

* Regulatory framework

* Operations, Logistics and Security Equipment, Cargo Management, Rates, Security Procedures, Logistics and connectivity, Costs

* Technical Evaluation Capacity and management of springs, Maintenance, Systems in Use, Evaluation of Physical Assets

* Market Study Historical trends and current conditions, potential of clients and by sector, competition, competitiveness evaluation, demand and supply limitations, competitive factors, projections

* Human element Personnel, hiring and personnel practices

* Financial Evaluation Approach, evaluation of financial models, testing of assumptions, evaluation of CAPEX and OPEX, generation of scenarios

* Risk Management Analysis Evaluation of risk plans, qualitative analysis, categorization of risks, probability and impact matrices, quantitative analysis, applied methodology, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, evaluation of response plans

* Environmental and Social Assessment – ESDD (IFC Performance Standards) Evaluation of the environmental management plan, capacity assessment, resilience assessment, carbon footprint, environmental impact assessment of port services, impact evaluation of contractors and sub contractors, review of permits and licenses