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DUAGA is a specialized consulting firm in the port and logistics sector, dedicated to Strategic Growth and International Financing. Our innovative processes, international standards, experience, reputation, and network of contacts provide measurable benefits and appropriate solutions to our clients to generate value in their corporate strategy.


DUAGA’s services are focused on driving and supporting the strategic growth of our clients. Therefore, our solutions help to prioritize the strategic objectives of your company, design and implement concrete and sustainable action plans to achieve short, medium and long term goals, and with this, take advantage of the competitive advantages offered by our services to make a difference in the industry.

If your company wants to grow with efficiency, strength and solvency, DUAGA’s team, with successful experience in more than 10 countries in the continent, is your ideal ally. Learn more about our services in our lines of strategic growth and preparation for international financing.




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Message from the CEO

“For the DUAGA team, each project and each client is unique and important, so we dedicate the best of us to develop value-added processes that generate measurable benefits for our clients. We are committed to offer high quality services, therefore, we are constantly innovating with new technologies and processes that make our projects unique and innovative developments. Our experience in multiple countries, our international standards, our network of contacts and our responsibility and absolute dedication in each project, allows us to accompany each of you in the planning of growth, the achievement of your strategic goals and the success of your most important projects.

Honesty, professionalism, diligence and dedication are the values that will always be in our Consulting DNA. It is a pleasure for us to be at your service.”

Juan Andrés Duarte Galán
Managing Director DUAGA


+ 13

countries where we have executed successful projects.

+ 10

of experience.

+ 60

successful consulting processes.

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